The Thin Membrane between Intuition and Acquired Knowledge


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I think I got it from my mother, I saw her do it often – trying to make guesstimates about things that you she knew nothing about based on things that she did know about. More often than not, these deductions were pretty logical, consistent and followed a good linear thought.

The problem is – it’s hard to be right in such a scenario, even remotely. 

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[Book Review] – How To Make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie


Warren Buffet had this to say about the course that runs parallel to the theme of this book – “This book changed my life”. I just found out the why and how of it. There are many reasons one might read a book – entertainment, motivation, learning, passing your time etc. For me, it’s essentially self improvement.

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The Prince By Niccolò Machiavelli – [Book Review]

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At Harvard, this book is taught in the philosophy program and for me, that was bait enough to go ahead and consider reading it. However, my frugality (of time) got the better of me and without looking at the content, I ended up buying a very poor translation of the 16th century text (sigh) and while I did come across some new words to add to my lexicon, moving from one page to another was a giant pain in the a**.

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